About Us

A close friend as soon as likened me to a bag of jumping marbles … at the time, I really did not take it as a favorable today I do (although I still do not recognize how she intended it!). My analysis is that I have LOTS OF concepts, LOTS OF energy and have TONS of instructions I can operate in.

I have actually constantly liked remaining in sales and feed off the power and also difficulty of getting over a ‘no’ from people.

Songs has actually been just one of my mainstays in life. It’s taken me with lots of a harsh experience as well as assists activate my innovative genetics. I was a disco DJ during college at Boston College. It’s not where my love for words of Elton John music started, but it sure did feed it.

I’ve been lucky sufficient to operate in large companies in addition to tiny ones. Its excellent that I can call many of my job associates my close friends.

My history reveals that my definition remains true. I’ve been a business exec, a business owner, a consultant as well as an advertising agency maniac. It’s difficult my history in a few sentences … so I will not!

  • Worldwide Supervisor of Marketing and also Consumer Communications for PepsiCo.
  • Responsible for over $250 million in manufacturing budget plans that supported $1billion in advertising spending.
  • Produced, wrote or directed lots of projects, consisting of a series of over 50 interviews with Hollywood’s top skill – representatives, producers, managers, and also stars: Academy Award winners
  • Award winning screenwriter from top film festivals.
  • Aided pioneer product placement in the film sector (consisting of movies such as “Back To The Future”, “Rain Male” as well as much more).
  • Handled marketing for over 15 brands (Frito-Lay Snacks) in over 40 countries.
  • Have actually taken a trip to over 70 nations (woohoo!).
  • Developed among the first crowdsourcing web sites for the show business.
  • Featured on CNN for the creation of an interactive program for the wedding sector.
  • Ran as well as assisted elevate millions in funding for start-ups, from consumer products/e-commerce to artificial intelligence software.
  • While housebound with mold toxicity/Lyme disease, I became a silversmith and also have my very own fashion jewelry line.
  • Youngest exec to become a Vice Head of state at Katz Communications.
  • Created and also established the initial purchasing network in Eastern Europe when the wall boiled down.
    Have had over 4,000 hrs of annual television airing all over the world.
  • Aided develop “Casino poker After Dark”, one of the lengthiest running, most successful video game receives the world.
  • Began my very own advertising agency as well as took it public.
  • Operated in over 20 nations as well as created over $60 million in yearly profits for 10+ years.
  • Have had more than 17 collection running worldwide.
  • Authorized deals with over 50 networks around the world and also worked in all corners of the world.
  • Worked at Disney and was VP National Sales for their broadcast department.
  • Have actually been a manufacturer, a writer, a distributor as well as a syndicator for … a lot of years!
  • Love working with young, emerging talent to aid repay.
  • I started Movie On The Road to assist people that do not have access to Hollywood or are too anxious or also uncertain of just how to approach it.