Best Mattresses for Sleep

With more or less intensity, anyone has ever wondered the name of the best mattresses to sleep on every night. As time goes by, you become more aware of their importance and look for exactly what fits your needs.

There is no “best mattress” for you, there are different types of mattresses that fit better or worse to your profile. Obviously, you should always stick to the models that fit best depending on your posture each night, your physical characteristics (body weight) or the heat you experience while sleeping. These are the factors that will help you make the best purchase and decide between the best mattresses to sleep on.


They must be firm (not hard) so that two things happen: that you feel comfortable on the coach and that it is able to maintain the natural position of the spine all night long. When buying a mattress, the support of the back and lumbars is fundamental. To make the right choice, always remember the position in which you sleep. For example, someone who sleeps on their side will have to choose a medium-low firmness so that their shoulders do not sink in excess and their back remains perfectly aligned.

The best mattresses for sleeping and enjoying a quality rest every night are those that adapt to your movements. But don’t lose sight of posture because, although it may not seem like it, it is a key factor. If you don’t move at all, it will be easier for you to choose. And even if it doesn’t look like it, posture is also one of the keys to choosing a new mattress. For people who move around a lot at night, getting the best soft memory foam mattresses will not create any excessive movements and are recommended so that you don’t feel a certain ‘entrapment’ every time you change position.

If you are going to sleep with a partner, look for the best mattresses to sleep on together. Because sharing a mattress also influences the right decision. In order for movements or weight differences not to be a problem, each individual should have his or her own bed to sleep on.

To continue with the practical examples, the pocket-sprung mattresses adapt to each person and keep the central area of the mattress totally ‘free’ and isolated from what happens at each end, pop over here to learn more. This is how each member of the couple can sleep well according to their individual characteristics.

The width and length of the mattress is just as important as the width of the mattress. If you sleep with someone else, make sure that the width of the mattress is sufficient to avoid touching your elbows once both people are lying down and with their arms behind their heads. In addition, the best mattresses for sleeping with a partner should be at least 10-15 centimeters taller than the tallest person who will be sleeping in the bed. In fact, today lengths of two meters are quite standard.

The best mattresses for sleeping also need to have sufficient protection against bacteria, fungi and dust mites which are mainly responsible for allergies in both adults and children. Pikolin’s Triple Barrier technology is a perfect solution to avoid any kind of allergy.


Apart from orthopedic mattresses, there are no specific models to combat back pain, which can have various causes that only a doctor should diagnose and then advise on the best options.

It has been proven that for these cases it is especially important to find mattresses that respect the natural curvature of the body and, on the other hand, forget that old advice that for back pains it is necessary to buy the hardest mattress in the store. Taking into account both aspects, viscoelastic mattresses are usually the best mattresses for the back, and the most recommended ones because they favour the postural correction.

Why visco? For various reasons: because it recovers very well its original shape when it stops receiving pressure and because it offers a high adaptability that distributes the pressure points very well without sinking too much. However, one cannot forget the joint role that any mattress plays with pillows in ensuring proper support for the spine, shoulders and cervical area when it comes to relieving back pain.

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